An Exclusive Women Training Path

Hi, Silvia here, 

Let me ask you a question? What do you really want in life? Too often we ask ourselves the wrong questions. What do you really want in life is not the same as saying what you need! To follow your dreams and live a fully happy life you must first imagine in your mind who you are, who you are with, what you are doing and where, to materialize. You have to learn who you really are to unleash your full potential.

What is your Brand? How to use it to distinguish yourself and to grow economically? The ancient Greeks said "know yourself" first of all. Very often you find yourself saying that you want to help other people, that you want to be an inspiration for them, an example. But then, maybe because of everyday life, you never find the time for ... and the same for your dreams. Closed at the bottom of a drawer. How can you help your team or your customers if your life is not alligned with you !

Beauty responds to subjective characteristics. Becoming aware of having a unique "BRAND" and knowing how to communicate it to the world allows you to release your potential for realization in every area of your life.
Every woman is not only strong but she is a mix of elegance, charm and delicacy in front of which it is difficult to resist.

It is not always easy to transform all the harmony and grace of women into words because every woman is different and has a unique brand that, if well communicated to the right people, can guarantee satisfaction and success in all areas of life.

This path entirely designed for women starts with making you clear vision and know exactly what you want, both in your personal and professional life. It accompanies you to discover your true BRAND and all the advantages that derive from it (read more in each program) and releases you a clear roadmap and the right tools (framework) to put everything into practice.

My vision is having  you in an International Community of women aiming for High Performance; who hold each other accountable to the highest possible standards for themselves and those around them.

A community of leaders who truly want to make this world a better place by having a life full of satisfaction.

A small group of like-minded people with unlimited potentials where the talents and values of each individual are not only respected but become a lever to grow.

A "tribe" of happy women, realized where growth and contribution towards themselves and others are the basis of every interaction.

... because together as a collective intelligence we grow more, faster and inspire others to do the same ...

About Silvia Pistolesi

Silvia Pistolesi: CO-Founder di EDUCTT ® e Smart Branding Expert; Co-Creator del metodo Framework Thinking ®  (meglio conosciuto come Design Thinking), insegnato in tutte le università al mondo. Professore presso la IED University (, Autore di best seller come: What Nobody Has Ever Told You About The Sales ProcessGOAL SETTINGManaging Time WellThink Big and Grow BiggerUnleash Your Marketing by Establishing Your Brand.

L'esperienza aziendale internazionale di Silvia include Hilton, Kempinski Hotels per citarne alcuni, in cui ha sviluppato i Framework necessari alla creazione della migliore e lussuosa Brand Experience per i clienti, come quella fatta per l'Emirates Palace, l'hotel a sette stelle lusso ad Abu Dhabi. Ancora oggi l'albergo più lussuoso al mondo.

La sua passione / dono è aiutarti a trovare il valore unico che offri alle persone per diventare memorabile.

"Becoming Memorable" Diventare memorabile non significa essere famosi ... significa che il tuo messaggio è così forte e chiaro che diventi la persona di riferimento quando qualcuno ha bisogno del tuo prodotto o servizio.

"C'è solo un modo per esprimere il tuo Brand personale e aziendale: essere sincera, essere genuina. Devi essere congruente con il tuo Credo."

Ecco cosa dicono le persone dei nostri Percorsi Formativi:

Christina Dove


My Brand is everything

I understood myself, my pattern and how I can let people read me correctly. This course is a blessing! Thank you so much Silvia and Riccardo.

Barbara Lane

Art Director

I didn't know. Amazing!

As an art director I was sure to know everything about Branding. I was wrong. Nothing that you learn at school is like this course. Thank you so much. 

Marie Jones

Marketing Specialist

My Life is Changed!

Me, it's me. I know who I'm and what I want. Unbelievable!!! When i discovered what was my Brand and how to let people understand me as the real me, I had a breakthrough. Thank you Silvia and Riccardo.

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